Wedding Colour Wednesdays

Wedding Colour Wednesdays


 COLOUR ME HAPPY: Wedding Colour Wednesday

Are you getting married this year? If you answered yes, then it is time to start polishing up on the 2014 wedding colour trends! Knowing which colours are considered to be “hot” for 2014 will help you in your planning and will help bring the heat to your wedding by creating a memorable day.

 To make things easier on you, Paige Lewis Events will post a blog each week on Wedding Colour Wednesday, focusing on just one of the trending colours for this coming Spring according to the Fashion Colour Report by Pantone. This year there are 10 trending colours,  so look forward to 10 weeks of colourful blogs! 


Now without further ado, lets talk about our first colour: DAZZELING BLUE. It may be considered a man’s favourite colour, but who says that blue can’t be used to fashion a lavish and stylish wedding? (Let’s not forget…something borrowed, something blue!) Regardless, not only will you love it, but so will your groom.

There are a plethora of combination palettes you can use with Dazzeling Blue.  For instance, uniting this blue with yellow and grey is nautical and perfect for the beach. You can also combine this blue with shades of pink and grey to create a more feminine beach theme. Lastly, combining blue with green and grey is impeccable for an outdoor garden or rustic themed wedding. 

Check out some of the examples we put together for you:

Dazzling Blue, Yellow and Grey

Blue, Yellow, Grey


Dazzling Blue, Pink and Grey




Dazzling Blue, Green and Grey