The Weekly Wedding Trend Alert: The Faux Wedding Cake

The Weekly Wedding Trend Alert: The Faux Wedding Cake

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Weekly Wedding Trend Alert: The Faux Wedding Cake

In the world of wedding cakes, there are more options than ever before! With countless flavours, colours, shapes, and sizes to choose from, brides can easily create the cake of their dreams. Even Styrofoam has become a more mainstream option! We’re talking about artificial wedding cakes – and many couples find they are perfect for a modern wedding.

Faux cakes are usually made out of special food-grade foam, and are covered with either real or artificial icing. They are put together and decorated just as an edible cake would be, meaning that they are visually identical…Therefore you are the only one that will know it’s not real. There is often a piece of real cake that has been incorporated into the design for the ceremonial cutting of the cake; though other designs make use of a small slot in the foam for the knife to “cut” through for pictures with the bride and groom.

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Some advantages to faux wedding cakes:

1. A large portion of a real wedding cake usually goes to waste due to the fact that not every guest will have a slice

2. In some cases, brides cannot afford their dream cake – rentals come at a fraction of the cost

3. Faux cakes can be displayed for the whole reception while sheet cakes (the slices that are actually served to guests) stay refrigerated for optimum freshness

4. Perfect for outdoor weddings! Faux cakes will not droop or melt

5. Light and easy to transport

Be sure to do explore all your options to find your dream wedding cake. Just remember: you can have your cake and eat it, too, by faking it!

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