The Weekly Wedding Trend Alert: The Crown

The Weekly Wedding Trend Alert: The Crown

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Weekly Wedding Trend Alert: The Crown

We recently posted a couple of blogs highlighting some trending bridal hair fashion. We filled you in on 2 trends that brides-to-be may want to consider for their wedding day, the Dramatic Veils and Hair Embellishments. For some of you, those trends may work for your big day, and for others it may not. We want to add to the list of 2014’s trending bridal hair fashion by sharing with you the Floral Crown.

These bridal headpieces are irresistibly natural and dainty, creating a perfect halo for bridal elegance. Whether its country style, or English garden themed, there are plenty of options to consider. One variation includes a rustic floral crown with blossoms, woodsy leaves, and twigs that are complimentary. There are a plethora of other options for you to consider if you decide to wear a floral crown on your special day!

Floral Crown 1

Floral Crown 2

Floral Crown 3

Floral Crown 4