The Weekly Wedding Trend Alert: Seasonal Winter Wedding Flowers

The Weekly Wedding Trend Alert: Seasonal Winter Wedding Flowers

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Weekly Wedding Trend Alert: Seasonal Winter Wedding Flowers

Brides getting married in the winter may worry that their options will be limited in respect to flowers. Don’t fret! There are many varieties in-season in the colder months, in a range of colours that are available to choose from.

If you are leaning towards an all-white winter wedding, consider an antique look for your bouquets – use ivories, creams, and very pale blush tones. Combining classic flowers in these hues will create a very romantic monotone effect.

Alternatively, ‘monofloral’ arrangements – in which one type of flower is tightly gathered into sculptural, high impact displays – have become especially popular with deep, rich reds. This elegant look is beautifully achieved with roses.

Feel free to add non-floral elements to your bouquets as well. Small berries, cotton, or pussy willow branches, for example, add seasonal appeal and provide some lovely dimension. Other options may include pinecone accents and silvery Dusty Miller leaves, which add a little extra “oomph” and beautifully reflect the snowy season.

A few of our favourite seasonal winter flowers you could include:

1. Amaryllis – acts as a bouquet’s focal point, can be found in red, white, and pink

2. Bells of Ireland – green and bell-shaped

3. Camellia – representative of faithfulness and longevity, available in white, red, or pink

4. Poinsettia – the standard red is very popular around Christmas, also available marbled

5. Star of Bethlehem – white clustered flowers on long stems

6. Sweet Pea – popular filler flower, very fragrant. Available in white, red, pink, and purple

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